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Business Card


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It's hard to see where the edges of the card are but the text looks a bit close to the edges (and in danger of being trimmed off after printing) you should generally allow a minimum of 5mm margin ((from the trim area)) on business cards.

The colour may not stand out very well (for the text), it could be a little light. I can see similarities between the card and your website but there is not consistant branding/look across the two really.

One other thing that would personally mean I instantly lost interest in your services would be your email address ...@btinternet.com surely you should be using timmo@foddesign.com - I mean btinternet.co.uk or similar is one thing for your plumber or electrician but to me it's really unproffessional for a web designer / it consultant etc.
I'm still using free hosting and havn't got round to buying hosting for it yet. Will set up the accounts when I have bought hosting. Won't be printing business cards til then anyway.
As some one who is working in a printing house i can tell you that your text does look too close to edges and probably be trimmed. i suggest you move it a little to the side.

Other then that your card looks great :D
have a good day