Business Card Please Crit


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Who is it for?

Is it for business introductions, to give to customers, to put in stores?

I'd expect to see an an address, email or website on the card. And what does the scribble mean? CHAE GHAE? Is this the name of a person or the business?


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Fisicx -- first: Thanks for your reply.
It's for a home business and to be used to give to customers and as introductions.
Chae is the name of the artist who wants to build a brand name specifically as Chae.
The address is irrelevant as showings are by appointment only.
At this point in time, the artist is seeking a market for handcrafted jewelry boxes, and is trying to establish that this artist is creating unique jewelry boxes.
Does this card do the trick for those purposes?
You're right tho -- an email address should be added.
Again, thanks for your helpful suggestions.