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BS number from a Pantone - How?


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We're working on a branding project for a client of ours and have produced a new logo that uses the following two solid Pantone colours:

PMS 241 Coated
PMS 512 Coated

The client has now requested a BS number for these two colours - I'm assuming this is for matching paint for something. How do I go about finding a BS number for these two colours? Done a quick Google search but nothing much appears that's of any use.

It's a whole lot of subjective colour theory.

So, you're trying to compare a printed pantone colour against a painted colour? There's probably not a straight conversion tool, and even if there was there will be colour shift depending on the substrates, ambient light, viewer's perception of colour and so on.

Is there a way to get a swatch chart of BS colours? You could set up a viewing box and compare side-by-side with a Pantone swatch book, as long as you have the right temperature light under which you are viewing.

It won't be exact (I imagine there are more Pantone colours than BS) but when they are used in their context there will be variation due to the factors listed above. If it is part of a brand will it matter if one or two colours shift slightly? As brand creators it is your call whether the colour shift is acceptable.


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Thanks, Lee!

OK, panic over, but it's a good one this...

After a meeting this afternoon, it turns out he actually wanted the BS colours so he could tell the web company who's creating a web site for him! I kid you not. Apparently, the web company told him they could match the colours from his logo and he's only ever heard of BS numbers for colour so that's what he asked us for!

I've given him the RGB breakdowns for both Pantones, along with a Hex number - let's see what happens.

You really couldn't make it up. Clients, eh?