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Brandmark+Stylized Text, Too Much?

Hey guys,

New to the forum. Working on a logo for our church and wanted to see what you thought of these designs. The main thing I'm curious about are:

A) Do you like the brandmark? If so or if not, why? (Circle on left)

B) Do you think it's too much or "busy" to have the brandmark+the stylized text?

C) Does the stylized text stand out enough that best bet is just to ditch the brandmark and do text only?

D) Favorite of the three?



Staff member
Just to be clear, and a lot of people do this, they take 1 concept and make multiple versions of it.

I don't think any of them work, they're too busy and would cost a fortune to produce on certain substrates.

You have 1 concept and 3 versions of it.

You need to have 3 concepts and 3 versions of each.

Paul Murray

Staff member
I'd drop the mark, I can't figure out what it is and as such it looks like a generic "McGuffin" that sits beside the text. I'd try and do something clever with the concept of 'lifting' within the text to create a cleaner logo. And I'd recommend dropping the textures from the type and working solely in black and white.