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Senior Member
4 or 6 of the second bunch.

glad you're moving away from that green.

the first bunch however don't say anything like "fod" or "fod design" to me. if you get what i mean. they don't purvey your name.


Active Member
I much prefer the current ID you have at the minute, i would just tinker with the colours.
The new designs don't ring my bell.
3 and 3 are the best ones imo. But just a FYI, you really should start your logo design in black and white first and then add colour after the base design has been finalized.


Senior Member
not a fan of the shape logos at all, I'm not sure where they are coming from.

I do like 5 in the text lot, I always think logos should be universal and a block colour rather than CMYK can apply better across countless formats.