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Branding Quotation

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Two ways.

Hourly rate x approximate number of hours + extra hour or two = Quote

Start at a high cost, negotiate downwards with client until they're happy to pay.

The first way is useful if the job is fairly small and doesn't require lots of assets or rounds of revision. The second way is useful if the job is larger and the client would prefer an 'all inclusive' deal.

Branding can mean anything from logo design only to a range of stationery, or graphics for the side of a van or artwork for an office etc. Find out specifically what your client wants.
Thanks Anagoge

Was for the actually wording of the quotation more than how much to charge. Logo they have allready although trying to get them to redo the logo. The branding guidelines, i.e logo usage, colours, typeface for corporate literature. Also templates for corporate literature.

Have done it allready made a few calculated guesses what to write.

Thanks anyway, how do I close a post on this forum?
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