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Branding inspiration needed

Im looking at setting up my own little freelance web design site etc.
Problem is, Im no good at coming up with names and branding.

Where do you all get inspiration from for your names/logos or how do you come up with them?

Im completley stuck and dont know where to start! :confused:



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HI Hippy,

when coming up with names i usually write down all the things that you would want to express about the product/service or any words that relate to it...then maybe take some of them words and look in a thesaurus etc to get more words then you could combine words etc then narrow it down to a few brand names...and ask your friends and that which sounds better...then you can move on to the experimenting with the logo...

this link has a good tutorial about creating a brand identity that might help

Computer Arts - Creating a brand identity

Also prob be beneficial to get some books about logos..that might inspire you, also here is just 1 website about logos Logo Design Love

Ally :)
If you're feeling flush... or just love having beautiful design books laying around (it's some kind of addiction I have)

Then this [Identity Crisis by LogoMotive's Jeff Fisher] is a nice book for branding inspiration, it covers a multitude of brands and designers with case studies on the design and how it was reached.

Identity Crisis: 100 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities Into Successful Brands: Amazon.co.uk: Jeff Fisher: Books

Logo Savvy is of the same ilk, but probably not as good (although half the price) but it has some nice food for thought
LOGO Savvy: Top Brand Design Firms Share Their Naming and Identity Strategies: Top Brand-design Firms Share Their Naming and Identity Strategies: Amazon.co.uk: Perry Chua, Dann ILICIC, WOW! Branding: Books

Otherwise, as ally posted, there's a fair few resources on the web.

I found it reeeeeeeally difficult, I spent ages literally writing down anything that came into my head
Moleskine - Print & Pixels Concept Sketches - a set on Flickr
As my Flickr shows, total randomness :) But, once you find the name that sticks it just flows from there, sketch sketch sketch.

No idea is a bad idea - you may even find that throw-away idea useful for another project!


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I also have a kind of addiction for buying design books, i've just clicked on that link for the books...and now i really want them lol!!
allyally2k said:
I also have a kind of addiction for buying design books, i've just clicked on that link for the books...and now i really want them lol!!
They're both worth it, especially Identity Crisis. I think I've bought at least 5 books in the last month, I just can't help myself :clap:
I have one (Tarragon Dragon), I haven't played it in a couple months though :( other half's been abusing my copy of Sega Mega Drive collection. I'm waiting for Assassin's Creed 2 at the mo :)