Branding & Identity

Toby Ansell

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Hey i'm a current graphic design student learning Branding & Identity currently.
Part of my assessment is to re brand the IKEA logo, i was wondering if anyone could answer some questions and give me some feedback on two final comprehensives.

Questions are as follows:
1. What does the logo represent to you?
2. Is it legible? Is it easy to read and understand?
3. What is the core product/service undertaken by the business?
4. What do you think about the company when you see this? (List a range of key adjectives for them to choose from ie innovative, stylish)
5. Does it stand out and catch your eye (you may want to include a visual amongst your competitor logos)
6. Does it feel genuine?
7. Are there any technical, legal or budgetary issues that need to be considered?


Paul Murray

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I think there's too much focus on the products. Ikea themselves probably wouldn't want to be associated solely with a £5 table or some floating shelves. Read their brand messaging and core pillars here. They're about making lives easier through their products. That's what I'd be trying to get across.

This is something of a defunct brief because Ikea really doesn't need rebranding, what they have already fits the brand perfectly. The brief is essentially asking you to redesign their logo for the sake of the tutors being able to mark something so I'd go wild and just do something completely different and unexpected.


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Further to what Paul says, you are trying too hard to be clever (and your fonts are far to light), whereas if someone as established as Ikea were having a rebrand, they would keep fairly close to what
they have already - same shape, colours etc. I think the font is quite dated so that is all that I would change drastically. Do one like that and another, more radical one, but keep it simple.