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Books That Could Be Films


Tony Hardy

I like to read a lot of books, I also love films.
I read a book by Richard Laymon called Funland that would make for a great horror/zombie/theme park survival film. If I had the money, I'd make it myself ;)

Have you read anything that you would love to see made into a film?


Junior Member
Will probably be better than World War Z - which is a great book, and is looking like being a proper bobbins film sadly
Typo said:
Mathew Rielly book. Action packed battle book at the South Pole.
Are you saying that there's a book that comes close to looking like the battle scene on Hoth from Star Wars (minus that AT-AT's of course)?! I'd fall in love with that, have liam neeson fighting wolves in the background every now and then!
Big fight between sas and usmc hovercraft whilst firing Milan missiles and throwing liquid nitrogen hand grenades. Ice Station. Read it now.
It's full on fun.