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Booklet ideas

I have to make a booklet for grocery store. It's basicly 2 pages with 20-30 products (pictures and prices). I'm looking for some ideas and inspiration, but it's really hard to find something related to the grocery store products...
I'm searching mostly for some ogirinal ideas regarding the images/products. Most of the designs are focused on one or few items. All that I come up with is the simple grid layout for more items...
Thank you for the links. I will look at them.


Staff member
Have you asked the client what they want to achieve from this booklet? thats often your best starting point as theyre surrounded by this stuff everyday so will know more about it that you ever will. You will probably find they kinda know bits of what they want but not have a fixed idea so if you start working up some ideas around what they've say you'll probably find yourself 'tweaking' their ideas and producing something completely unique. Makes it loads easier to sell a design to the client if you can reference their ideas in your work.

How about visiting the grocery store and take a shed load of photos of just about everything, the people, the products, customers the building etc etc.... even stand across the street and look above the shop front to see if there's anything of interest within the original building.
Pick up any *product* catalogue and dissect the layout, use of colour blocks, images, creative typography etc. It doesn't necessarily have to be ground-breaking design, good design isn't always original.

Do you have a library of nice images? If hi-res how about real blown-up images taking over the page? After all, it's a bout the products, right?

Or take the store's style into account - maybe a sparse, classy, slightly arrogant layout suits more, with emphasis on clean typography.

If you can post links to the client, or similar client, and styles you aspire to.

Can be tricky sometimes, but the solution is in the head of your client. Know the client, solve the brief.