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Book cover assignment...looking for critique

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by susan maher, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. susan maher

    susan maher Member

    possum 10 with better bg.png
    This is my next assignment: a book cover for a mythological story ( plus lots of other things).
    I wanted to use something I had an original photo for so ended up with the ringtail possum.
    Any tips, suggestions, critique welcomed.
    I guess my questions are : would the cover attract someone to look twice at the book?
    Should I do a border or just have it as is on black gloss soft cover?
    Is it transferable to a poster or ad? or should I make adjustments?
  2. hankscorpio

    hankscorpio Moderator Staff Member

    Often the author name is given larger presence than the title.

    And you can embellish the name of the author a bit - or even the title - by adding in spot uvs, embossing and such. covers spot uv emboss

    It's not bad.

    The effect on the image is pretty bad though - no real need for that the way it is presented.

    How about a black background - outline of the animal, with glowy eyes or something...
  3. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not getting 'mythological' from it to be honest. In fact I'd assume it was a non-fiction book about Lemurs from the image. Try and be less literal. There's nothing wrong wth taking a stock image and applying some text (this happens a lot in the book industry), but if this is for an assignment, I'd expect to see some creativity.

    Here's an example of a clever animal-related cover -
    I'm not saying you should aim for this level but it's a good example of creativity through negative space.
  4. susan maher

    susan maher Member

    Thanks for the links and tips Hankscorpio and Paul. I will check them out.....
    I did have glowy eyes on possum but didnt like them.
    I have to do two covers , each from different countries so it is good to have the links . And i guess I should try stock photos as trying to use my own, limits my options not to mention spending hours editing it to one I liked....
  5. susan maher

    susan maher Member

    cliodhna 4.png

    white tiger 9.png

    Okay so these are my two book covers, each from a different country as required for assignment.
    I hope they look more mythological in nature. I really can't get into the photoshopped appearance of images merged together and glossy appearance at the end. And I couldn't quite make a negative space effort look mythological.
    I am hoping these are passable? Am still experimenting with trying to find my own style .
    The clouds with white tiger could be too gaudy? But in real life clouds do have a stark outline contrasting to smooth colour.
    I like my banshee girl however, but I am unsure if my taste is terribly unrefined and obviously that of a novice; not sure if it is something that will make me puke to look at later on. According to Irish folklore this banshee was always accompanied by three colourful birds.
    Should I keep experimenting?. I have lots of theory to get through also so would love if I could call it quits on these.
  6. hankscorpio

    hankscorpio Moderator Staff Member

    You'll have to do better than applying filters in photoshop.
    susan maher likes this.
  7. susan maher

    susan maher Member

    Yes..I think I will just paint or sketch something and photograph it..then add type...
    At the end of the day it is what I do best and I am not skillful enough with the photoshop tools to pull anything off without it looking amateurish.
    I only got a pass for my last assignment..the logo/business card/3d signage for design studio. She ( assessor ) liked the whale tale with patterned colour over the simplified version. There is definitely a point at which one should stop :)
    And I lost marks on the proofing of 3d signage. I had the impression people don't opt for samples to be sent , that it is too expensive , and as long as the export is all in order combined with communication regarding specs, one is good to go. I even did a ray trace:rolleyes:
    I often think the assessor's who give me a low mark are more professional than those who give me high distinctions and I will definitely be trying harder for phase 3 of this 4 part module.
  8. susan maher

    susan maher Member

    cliodhna 14 with cover.png
    1. Book Cover:Cliodhna queen of Banshees...mythology from Ireland

    white tiger 6 w cover.png
    2. Book Cover: Bai..white tiger from Chinese mythology...symbolises 'good' things and is often referred to as 'white tiger of the west'.

    I am hoping these are considered a MAJOR improvement. I Have had a few days in Dublin and the break from theory and computer helped with ideas ( maybe not tech skills...but...)
  9. susan maher

    susan maher Member

    Final tweaks plus logo...
    cliodhna 15 with cover final.png

    white tiger 8 final.png

    Logo: Apparently I have to do one for the publishing company ( fictional company ) called ACME and somehow slot it into the a4 poster/book cover. I came up with this. It will do. The idea being it represents a building ( house of publishing etc...)
    As always constructive critique is appreciated.. acme logo 1.png
  10. susan maher

    susan maher Member

    This one has a better A....I think...
    Anyway calling it quits now ... I promise :)

    acme logo 2.png

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