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Blurred photos on my cheapo website

Hi Chaps - any thoughts?

My webs.com website is displaying my carefully taken photos very blurred when published, but fine before - I contacted support - their reply is below. Otherwise I'm happy with the ease of editing/adding content but would just like better photo quality...

[09:41:19] David: my photos are good when I upload to the programme but blurred when i publish?

This is Moisés from support. Thank you for contacting us about your inquiry. I took a look at your account and I can see some of the images do come across slightly blurry. The difference between what you see on the actual live site versus what you see on the builder is that what is on the builder is the actual raw file. It is not the published version so the quality is higher; however, when you do publish the site, the quality gets optimized which in many cases degrades the quality for the sake of faster uploads on the page the image was published on.

We have also filed an enhancement request with our developers to oversee if any improvements can be made with this regard; however, this would be a long project and there is no guarantee that it will ever get implemented. If there is anything else we can assist you with please let us know. Thanks

Thanks - David
Hi David,

I had a look through your site and can't see any blurred photos- which ones are they?

You should be able to upload your own web ready photos so you can control the optimisation and therefore the quality. Why don't you ask them what file size they recommend?
Homepage images have a touch of pixellation, not terrible, but the gallery images seem fine.

Unfortunately it's what you're up against with cheap web hosting - they heavily 'optimise' things to save on their servers.
images on the blog look ok to me…perhaps this is a cunning marketing strategy to get jus all looking at your work??! :)

Or I need to go back to spec Savers?