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Blogging for Business



The number one thing I read when it comes to improving your design or freelance business is how much a blog can help you gain new clients and pave the way for new opportunities in business.

On that note is anyone here using bloggin to directly drive business?


Active Member
Hi Lee,

Never had an opportunity to use blogging to drive business directly, I have had a small amount of success in driving extra traffic to my site from blog posts, which may have in-directly brought in new work? I'm definitely interested to hear more on this as I'm hoping too make the blog more centered to my site focus with my upcoming site re-design.


I use blogging as my main source of traffic, most people think it is time consuming to create posts, then advertise them to get them noticed, which may well be the case, but it is my number one traffic source to my portfolio website, and when asked clients that I have worked with how they heard about me, it all came through my blog. Most of them liked my writing style and thoughts, which made them decide me. So I definately believe it is a tool most people should use. Especially when starting off.


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I wish i had the discipline to blog each day -I see the results when i do - im just forgetful and it looks terrible having one updated once a month :(