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Blog/Website Tagline


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Hi Guys,

As some of you guys know I bought the domain name F1 Creative and at the moment I am developing it into a sort of creative and design blog.

I have come up with a tag line for F1 Creative as this "Design and Creative Torque" torque as in "Talk" what do people thing to do, good or bad idea or any tips for what else I should use?



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is the blog F1 racing themed or is the name just from your love of Formula 1? i quite like the tag line, although i had to re-read it to get it!
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Sorry don't like the tag. The brand name is bad enough (not keen on that either) in it's instant reference to formula 1 but to continue to play on that theme would make it sound more like a blog or similar purely about motor sport.

It's all very well you liking f1 but unless the person viewing your site knows that then all the focus on f1 rather than design could give the wrong impression or image.


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What has rotating an object got to do with your site? :)
Torque, also called moment or moment of force is the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis
Cite: Torque - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If your site is talking about F1 then spell it, but a tag line should sum up your site in ideally 5 words or less. Tag lines help the user know what your site offers faster. The average time a user spends on any given web page is less than 10seconds, 54% of users give up after 2 page loads so you want to maximise this time for the shortest bounce rate.

Iif your site is a blog about the latest F1 news, the tag line IMO should be something like

F1 Creative
For all your latest F1 news

Simple to the point and tells me the user what your site is about at a glance. :)