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Blog-jects! Help needed


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Hi all,

I've put up a post on my blog with an idea for a new series of posts going under the banner of a blog-ject. You can see the post here:
kenreynoldsdesign.co.uk – Blog-jects: A new way of creating content!

Basically the idea is this, I'd like some input from readers to help me to develop a fictional client and brief, while at the same time keeping in mind I want it to be quite realistic.

I'll then blog about the entire process as I work through the whole design process as if it were real. From client meetings, contracts, research, initial ideas etc, through to finished artwork and production.

I'd like to hear what you think of the idea, and maybe contribute to give me a few ideas so that I can develop the first blog-ject brief.

All thoughts and suggestions welcome.


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Like the idea Ken, one question though, how will you have client meetings with a fictional client? Or will your readers become the part of the client in this meeting?


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At each stage of the process I'll put the contract/idea etc on the blog for readers comments, and gauge reaction, possibly setting up some sort of vote.

I dare say the first run through will produce many issues, but I like it as an interactive learning device.

I hope to learn as much about my design processes as readers. I'd hope the readers would point out the things I'm not doing or could do more of for a better result.


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Sounds really good Ken, I guess the hardest part will be in keeping a continual cycle of feedback through the process, but like you mentioned if a reader has put forward their own ideas/thoughts, it's likely they will return to see what resulted from that. One minor suggestion, once you have started blog-jects, push your RSS feed, so chances are increased that if someone does become involved that they will return when they get an update through RSS/e-mail.

Will add a comment to your post with some futher thoughts later this evening :)


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Cheers Greg, the RSS idea is a winner and something I'll definitely have to push.

Of course I do run the risk of it all falling flat!, but my backup plan is to post things up on DF and get you lot to be my fictional client! :)

Obviously the interaction element is the only thing that makes this idea different from a self initiated project, so I hope there is enough interest to sustain it, as I think the resulting posts will be pretty interesting.


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Has anyone got any suggestions for fictional clients?

Industry, Size, Aims, Outlook?

You can give as much or as little detail as you like. I want the client/brief to be interesting, but I'd quite like it to seem realistic too.


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No worries MIke!

I've had a few suggestions for my first 'blog-ject' client:

A follow up to my suggestion in the blog article for a local startup solicitors. There are more details to be fleshed out.

or 2.
A regionally renowned swing band ‘The Swinging Penguins’ who are just about to release a new album and go on an international tour. They want you to create a brand that starts from the website design but continues through different media, tickets, posters etc.. They would like a playful and illustrative style… One drug-hazed night one band member thought they would like to create each band member a penguin personality aka gorillaz, they throw the idea into the brief.

There's quite a distance between these two ideas, so if you have an similar suggestions or something that falls in between those two, I'd love to hear it.



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Hopefully with the number of people who are available to get involved there can be inputs as to what is missing compared to a real life situation :)


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Granted it's not a real case study, but I'll be approaching it as a live brief and I plan to go into the details of each step I would take along the process.
Something I wouldn't feel comfortable doing with one of my real clients, as the process is catered to them personally. I cannot report of real life interaction as I would view that as unprofessional.

My design process is the subject, the client is the variable. I could just make up a brief on my own and go through it, but I think leaving some of the decision making up to readers takes a little of the control away from me, and it breathes a little bit of life into the whole thing.

Hopefully some of the articles that will spin off from the process will give a decent real-world insight that can then be applied to real projects.

If you have any suggestions for the sort of client/industry that could kick start the process, I'd be more than happy to include them in the selection process.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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Swinging Penguins was a good idea!

If there are any more ideas I'd be pleased to hear them. Anything off the top of your head would be great.

An industry and company name.

The latest suggestion has been a company selling sex toys online, no name was put forward though!


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Thanks for the suggestions I. There is a post listing three of the client ideas attached to my latest article.

Be great if you could take a look and let me know which project you want me to work on.



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Well this little project is starting to pick up pace.

The client has been chosen. I will be working for 'The Swinging Penguins' an unsigned swing band that are embarking on a tour during which they hope to pick up a recording contract. (This is all fictional BTW)

My latest post is about writing a design brief, and provides a lit of questions that need to be answered in order for this to happen. You can read it here:

If anyone is interested in this little experimental project and would like to get involved feel free to answer a few of my brief defining questions, either here in this thread, on my blog or via email.

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.
This is the part of the project that I'm passing over to my readers, so the less I have to do with it the better, you have the power to make this brief as challenging or as simple as you like!