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Billboard design

Hi Guys,

This is probably a bit of a noob question but having never designed anything at this scale before I’m not really sure where to begin. Basically I have the opportunity to design for a large bill (print size 10,000mm high x 20,000mm wide) the brief asks for submissions to be 7,000mm high x 15,400mm wide at 600 dpi which is obviously going to be a HUGE file if I design at that size. So I was just wondering how anyone else would tackle this and what size would your canbas size would be in Photoshop.

Thanks for any help



Active Member

I'm surprised that the image needs to be so high resolution. I recently did a billboard ad and the printers said "if you can supply us with a pdf 508mm x 254mm would be great.Artwork should be supplied as a hi-res pdf with any images 300dpi @ 100%". Does anyone else have any more previous experience?

But if it does need to be the size requested you might be better off using Indesign which I would imagine will handle that size a bit better. That's what I would do.



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I have the artwork requirements for primesight (I do some 96 sheet artwork - 12192x3048mm). It states that all Photoshop or scanned images should be scanned at 300dpi repro size. But recommened that artwork is done in pro and recommends 10% (ie 1219.2mm x 304.8mm.) Just checked and my images are 300dpi at the artwork size. I do all my artwork in Indesign, turn all fonts to outlines and then send a hi-res image. Looks fine!