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BIG ASS BANNER..........MAYBE for a dance studio

havent bought the stock yet, but im keepin my fingers crossed that they will like it, well i know they will like it. but i just thimk this on like a 2-3 metre banner would look the snooks


I think it needs a bit more of a concept. Where does the "reaching new heights" come from? Maybe create a concept around that? Right now it looks very "Photoshop Tutorial" to me. Imho it doesn't even look much like a dancer, but just an image of a dude with some grunge brushes and paint splatter brushes applied to it. I also think you can do a lot more with the typography. Placement is ok, but there's a lot of scope to do something way cooler and more "dance like" here.

I'd also buy the full size image before you do any more work on it, cause if you're going to print it you'll have to re-create the whole thing in a much larger size/res.

Just my 2 cents. Hope that helps in some way! :)