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Best printer I can buy for printing in colour on thick card?

Hi all, first post here! I'm looking for advice. I have started a stationery business and am looking for a printer which I can print my card designs on. I need it to be able to cope with thick, textured card (in the 400gsm range), and one which can print in a variety of colours, including neons. I would be happy spending around £500 but I can go to £1000 for something amazing. Thank you for reading!


Staff member
A few points for you to consider:

  1. Domestic printers run on ink. Ink will not give you the quality or durability expected of commercial print. You can buy laser printers for £1000 but the quality is poor and the toner is expensive.
  2. A domestic printer is designed to take 200gsm photo paper at the very max. trying to force heavy stock through will damage the printer, shorten it's life and invalidate the warranty.
  3. Textured card is a pig to print on with any success. It's likely to result in poor print quality, bleeding of the inks and a damaged printer.
  4. Printers dont print neon colours! To achieve neon print you need to use neon ink which in ofset printing requires Pantone colours. I'm sure one of the print guys will be along shortly correct me but I dont even think Pantone make toner for commercial digital presses?

Your best bet is to make friends with a local commercial digital printer and get him to do the print for you.

P.S. this advice is coming from someone who's been running a bespoke stationery company for the past 5 years.