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Best Laptop Model for graphic designer

Hi everyone!

I would like to know your thoughts/suggestions on what model is best , tested and reliable for us graphic designers.

I need to replace my old laptop(HP i3 processor,4gb ram) as I now focusing on website and video animation.

Your suggestions will be much appreciated!

Have a good day!


New Member
Hi Pj_arizo,
As the thread was not fulfilling the its purpose the whole way, I thought I could jump in and add a (hopefully valuable) comment :)
Getting a laptop for graphic design don’t need to be that expensive. If you are using your computer everyday I would say go for Apple and Macbook PRO. It will perform with most of the graphic design softwares out today. Plus you will have a top end laptop for other areas of use.

I don’t have experience with any other manufacturer, sorry. If you have other laptops in mind you can always search for reviews.. I found these review sites turbofuture & technemag in two seconds.. both for graphic designer only. Maybe it will help you on your way.

Have you checked if any specific graphic card is necessary for the things you will work with ? I guess it is always possible to change afterwards also.

If you havent already got one by now, good luck with your research :)

/ Fred


Staff member
It doesn't have to be a mac... seen as they are already using a PC I presume they have the software for a PC that they need, plus all the fonts. So there would be limited cross over contamination between platforms.

Macs are ok - but very expensive for what's under the hood.

I would recommend a PC for this user, as they already use a PC so it makes sense for reasons stated above.

If you can give me your budget I can take a look and post some recommendations.


Staff member
without knowing a budget and the software it's hard to suggest anything.....no answer to this issue even with the OP responding.

Getting a mac might be pointless if you can't run your chosen software in os-x and the same might be true for a pc if you need an os-x program.