Best Colleges For Graphic Design?


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I'm at the time of my life where I need to start looking into colleges Dx
I know something I really want to do for a living is creating comics.
What are some great colleges for graphic design?

Graphic design programs and top-tier universities don't always go hand in hand. The most highly ranked research universities often lack design programs, and the most acclaimed design programs are often housed at specialized art schools and institutes. However, there are 10 places in the U.S. where highly-regarded universities intersect with vibrant design programs.
If you're wanting to create comics, you're looking for a degree in Illustration, not Graphic Design. I recommend looking closely at each program local to you (if you're in the states, staying in your state will save you a LOT) and pick the best one. Look at what classes you're going to take, because it's not the TITLE of the degree that matters as much as the WORK you create while you're in the program. Portfolios are everything in this industry.

Before you decide to make this your life goal, I will tell you that working in the industry is NOTHING like what you probably think it's like haha. Especially those entry-level jobs. They usually end up being more like glorified data-entry jobs than actual design. I punch information into oil well signs haha. It's boring and doesn't pay great but I just graduated with my AA in Diversified Studies, and I also have a Graphic Design certification from a technology center, and this is my first full time design job. I'm working my way up.

If you're still in high school, I would recommend going to tech school to "test the waters" and see if you really do like Graphic Design, and if you do, when you move onto College you'll be WAY ahead of other Freshman. Also most states have programs for people under 21 to go to tech school for free.