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Best all round Software?


New Member
Hi There,

i am new to the forum so bear with me :D

i have been off on maternity leave and i have worked in the sign industry for 12 years and worried i am going to be left behind in the dark ages with software,

what would you suggest is the best all round software for me to purchase i mostly create vectors

many thanks kate


Staff member
The industry standard is Adobe Illustrator for vectors but I hear there are some cheaper alternatives these days.
I think you can still download a free 30 day trial from the Adobe site.


New Member
I use Corel currently but find people do not take me seriously as a designer. I have used illustrator just seem to find it long winded compared. I am worried i will be out of date what is do you know what in design is and what its like?



Senior Member
InDesign is a desktop publishing suite. It is best used to create multi-paged publications and is also commonly used for most print before it actually goes to print. It has some basic vector drawing tools but that’s not its main focus as it integrates well with Illustrator and Photoshop.

There are other, non-Adobe tools which probably do more or less the same thing but if you’re working in the industry it would probably pay to consider going Adobe as you’re likely to get sent files by designer/printers etc which are in an Adobe format which you will need to edit/use.
Yeah, I'm afraid that (rightly or wrongly) people in the industry turn their noses up at Corel. It's generally regarded as a hobbyist's software rather than professional quality stuff. I've not used it in donkeys years so I can't comment. If you're serious about a career as a designer then you're going to need to be a competent Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop user, I'm afraid.

That said, there are some new apps trying to challenge the Adobe monopoly such as Affinity Designer. Maybe they'll succeed. I hope so!