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Best A3 desktop color printer to buy? Any advise?


Junior Member
Hi all,

I would like to invest in a A3 desktop color printer. I have received many suggestions so far, yet, I would like to hear from you guys your experiences and/or advises if possible. I would appreciate a link to buy a good A3 desktop color printer.




Staff member
budget, uses, come on a little more info would help here.

Theres no point recommending a printer that goes for thousands when a printer worth couple of hundred would do you fine.


Junior Member
Thanks to all.

use: basically for printing proof to be send for professional off-set printing, more focused on image quality.

Thanks again



Active Member
Konica Minolta do the best 'semi- pro' A4 colour laser. It's about £350, but complete with the inks, which are about £100. Some have offers on with free replacement inks. They last forever unless your printing full saturated colour week in week out.I had 3 of these when i first started out and the quality is as just as good as the big expensive Canon's I have now. It's a true laser printer not inkjet that is Mac compatible.

http://www.printerbase.co.uk/acatalog/magicolor-4650.php A4 349

http://www.printerbase.co.uk/acatalog/magicolor-7450II.php A3 £999