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Behance Pro Site


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Has anyone else had a play with the Behance Pro Site? It actually looks really good and provides a user friendly cms that features your portfolio in a more social way than is ordinarily possible with personal sites. But you have to pay a $11 per month subscription which just seems a little steep considering they're already hosting your portfolio for free.

Any thoughts?
Personally I think its a great idea, it's very much like cargo collective (which I use) and so do a lot of other designers, illustrators, photographers etc. I have been taking a look at what you can do and featured portfolios and over all its very impressive.

You mention about they are already displaying your portfolio for free, to be honest I wouldn't try and get business through my behance account but with 'prosite' it makes it look much more professional so if your a designer without a coding background or a illustrator who knows nothing about web design $11 a month is a very small price to pay if you consider other CMS routes like Wordpress where you would need to pay a developer to code your design, then pay somewhere like media temple to host it..


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its actually 11 dollars, so only about £6. looks good to me, im working on mine at the moment then Ill probably take the plunge and go for it. does anyone know if there is a shopping card option on there? Id be interested to sell my work via the same site as my portfolio.


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I've seen a few and undoubtedly they look good and the price is not unreasonable for the entire service. But when you consider that they are already giving away the hosting part of service for free, a $11 a month subscription seems a bit steep.
halfbuiltrobot, how can you resent paying for websites? tumblr is a blogging website not meant to be used for a portfolio site, also dribble invites are like rocking horse poo! and dribble again is not really a website you would tell your clients to look to try and drum up business..

Things like pro-site are ideal for people who don't have time, knowledge, money.. CMS websites with extras are going to be the best thing for up and coming designers, illustrators and photographers who want a quick fix to get their portfolios online $11 per month is a very small price to pay when you can use this as your business website.
You could pay $99 (Around £60) for the year, which is pretty good seen as it also integrates well with LinkedIn and Twitter. A small (or possibly) large percentage of any commission would pay for this, so money well spent.

Sorry for the late post, but I've just joined! :)


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what do you guys think about INDEXHIBIT? And how is it seen in the professional market? I am very much confused where to build my design portfolio. I have no web experience and above all, no patience to learn coding. I really like the Behance page layout however i'm still not sure if i am ready to get bound to a monthly fee...though it is not much.