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Before and after

Probably not something I should be proud of as I am sure its not the "design" way but I do really like the series from Before & After magazine - if I get stuck in that deep grey non creative fuzz they are great inspiration and have kick started me on a few ocassions.

Design a pocket-size brochure - this one in particular was a great help when looking for a unique approach for a restaurants flyers.


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Go ahead and be proud - you're a researcher and every professional in any field is a researcher. If you aren't looking for inspiration, you're lazy, so more power to you!


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Thanks for sharing those links LemonPromotions, took a quick look a few of the free PDF's on Before & After, they all looked pretty comprehensive and nicely presented. Do they just have free ones to download now and again? (as I noticed subscription for them is $24/£15 by PDF)

Welcome to Design Forums by the way!
Thanks, Greg