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Hi guys, I've taken a about a 5 year gap from graphic design but i'm trying to get back into it and still had a few resources from all that time ago.
Any feedback is appreciated.


This was what I started off with for anyone interested.


I plan on being an active member on here as I continue to get back into graphic design. (y)


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Yeah did you make the assets yourself or did you combine pre-made assets and add effects?
I used multiple resources from C4D's, Flares, Spectals, stocks, renders, etc. I have also used various tools within photoshop such as the liquify tool, I've created everything but not everything in this was created by me. If you would like the PSD I will happily provide.


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Did you create everything in the image? I don't know what a signature is...
Yeah well as you can see from my before and after picture a considerable amount of effects were added including depth, flow and lighting as well as colour manipulation and composition. Google photoshop signatures. They're essentially small pieces of art usually around the dimensions used here, where forum users display in their signatures.


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I guess we get a few things like this a year, very difficult to critique as it's personal to you. You've added the effects to your own aesthetics, looks good to me also.

Nice techniques and looks well.