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Battle of the Blogs

Hey all,

I wondered what you all thought of blogging services. I have been using WordPress for a while but have been exploring much more simple to operate blogs for customers to run themselves.

Posterous and Tumblr are looking good for no thrills and being straight forward to maintain. More so than WordPress, which from my experience has scared some non-tech savvy people off in the past.

Any thoughts on easy blogging services like Posterous and Tumblr?



Junior Member
Hey Phil,

I think wordpress still good option if you customize for your clients.. Like you can install tumblr like post writing plugin and turn off all the extra admin things for client... and Wordpress is best and still more coming.... more easy and more flexible then the posterous and tumblr.

Better you do customization for clients and it will become supper easy...

- Abdul Wahid
I would say WordPress is a great blogging platform so wouldn't really be tempted to use anything else.
If your worried about your clients having to much ability to screw things up, i.e installing dodgy plugins etc, just give them an account with more limited access to just write posts and nothing else, such as an 'Author' rather than a full on Administrator.