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Barcode Scanning Software

Morning all,

I recently made a small app that can grab an area of your screen (like taking a screen shot), recognise any barcodes in it and display the code number(s) and type of code. It works for EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A, UPC-E and ISBN codes.

I made it for my own use because I got tired of printing stuff out and scanning codes with a hand scanner when checking my artworks. It just seemed a bit daft and a waste of paper.

I'm toying with the idea of tidying my app up a bit and maybe releasing it as a cheap app. With that in mind, I wondered:

a) Do you think it'd something people would find useful? (or is it just me?!)
b) Would any of you like a beta* copy to test drive and give me some feedback?

If it makes it to the Mac App Store**, I'll happily give free download codes to anyone who gives me feedback on the beta.

What do you think?


* Usual proviso re beta versions - there may be hideous bugs lurking in there so use for testing only, not real work that matters.
** Yes, it will be Mac OS X only.
wac said:
I assume handscanners do not scan from screens then? This will probably quite useful in its niche
Yeah, hand scanners can scan from a screen, they're just expensive in comparison. And easier to lose. ;-)

The problem I've had in the past is packaging artworks being sent from third parties with barcodes on where the bars don't match the human readable numbers due to some muppetry at some stage. Sometimes someone has accidentally deleted a bar or changed the digits manually (yeah, I know... I did say muppetry!). Plus I'm paranoid and I like to check! I got fed up of going round my colleagues asking who has the barcode scanner. So I made this app.

I doubt I'll make a million from it, but its there if folks want it!