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Banksy & The Simpsons

I was going to say how unimpressed I was with it, with just 'banksy' written in a couple of places but then it got very dark!

Not sure what my comments are tbh in regards of their own image, I know the Simpsons like to poke fun at themselves and their Amercian network Fox but this is on another level.

I love it though.


Senior Member
The thing is, they are poking fun at themselves for a certain amount of shock value, yet they have outsourced to Rough Draft Korea since 2000ish! So this statement is a little late.
Personally I dont rate banksy, alot of his work is parady or rip offs of other peoples origial ideas. He just puts a little bit of a politcal or contrversial twist on them and gets an amazing amount of exposure


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I just watched this episode. The best part is after the dark and slightly unnerving intro it suddenly snaps back into the colourful "Created by Matt Groening" television suffix that all the intros have.