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Band logo.


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So this is a logo for a band I'm working on at the moment, as some of you may or may not have read elsewhere I was given the logo in Bleeding Cowboy.

A little critique would be welcome, bearing in mind they just asked me to clean up the mess that is bleeding cowboy not design them a new one. There is a bit more detail to be added, but I will get to that once you guys cover me on the text.


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Just an idea, but I like to see the flourish under the 'n' used in another way. I think at the moment it spoils a nice negative space created by the tail of the 'y' Perhaps try it in the space between the 'y' and 't'. If you are going to add more I'd try to be as sparing as possible.

I like the font, I think it works well, as far as what they want (compared to bleeding cowboys) but it's a lot cleaner. The lines going through are a nice touch but I think I'd move then down a touch so they line up with the top of the bar in the 'e'. The tail on the 'y' also looks a little wobbly and uneven. I like the way you've wrapped it around but the curves need to be perfect if it's to be an effective feature.

Hope this helps.


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I don't know if its me, or the image but parts of the font seem a bit imperfect; such as the curve on the top and bottom of the Z (where it meets the straight edge), the tail on the 'e' seems a bit wonky, the top 'quif' on the 'n' seems rather harsh - same for the 'h', the curve on the top-left of the 't' and as krey mentioned the curve of the 'y'.


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I quite like it.

You can tell it's a band style logo. The only thing I can think of as it's a clean-up job is the two horizontal lines are thicker on the right than the left.


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Krey20 said:
Just an idea...
The n flourish was a part of the old logo, so kinda has to stay, I have other parts so it might get moved, but we'll see.

The y does look a bit messy on closer inspection.


blueocto said:
I don't know if its me....
Some parts arent perfect, as I havent really double checked it all yet. I shall try removing the edges on the h and n and see how it looks

Muchos gracias

Xenonsoft said:
I quite like it....
I did not see that! Good eyes!



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ok here we go, draft 2

the e is actually more of a mess now i think, shows that at 240000000% zoom, its hard to tell!

EDIT: sweet jesus that e is terrible! draft 3 might be very soon!