Background image in a table not appearing in browsers



I'm making a web page that is table based and I am having trouble with a background image in the table.
I've tried adding the background to a table using CSS.
I've given the table an ID, and created a style rule to apply the appropriate CSS background properties.

Here is the bit of code that I'm using:

#mytable_id {
background-image: url(/assets/images/my_background.png);
background-repeat: no-repeat;

This makes the image appear in the Dreamweaver screen but when I click to Preview it in a browser
window it is not visible. I've tried it in Safari and Firefox and both have the same results.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong?


If you can provide me with a copy of your file(s), it will help me rectify the issue for you quick.



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I put the url of the image in single-quotes. I don't know if this is required by the specification, but I haven't had problems either.

background-image: url('/assets/images/my_background.png');

the other thing that might be going wrong is the availability of the file - is it in the right place relative to the parent file so that the browser will find it? When dreamweaver sets up a preview, does it ensure related resources are properly in place?


Salvador, thanks for the offer and I was gonna take you up on it but luckily Conanite's suggestion worked.
Thanks to both of you for helping out. :icon_notworthy:


Try to avoid using tables, you can easily use lists for tabular data and it's so worth the effort.

you can also shorten the css by doing this

background: url(/assets/images/my_background.png) no-repeat;

you can also put in a colour before the img too, handy if you want to use transparent graphics