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Back to the mac?


Senior Member
Pretty sure some of you have seen it. What do you think?

I was only really interested in 10.7 Lion but was let down by the lack of features they showed. Summer 2011 is a long time away though, so I've still got high expecations.

Didn't really care much for any of the other stuff. While the new iLife looks nice, it's something I rarely use.


Staff member
well when I saw the US price for the new 11" macbook air I didn't think it seemed too expensive, being that it's ssd, super thin etc but somehow it costs £100 over exchange rate to cover import and distribution fees and that's after VAT is added. If it was 50quid or less it wouldn't be too bad and more realistic but it's not like they're taking into account 20% VAT early as you know it will go up when that's out.

It's even worse with the 13" at 130, although they both work out at roughly 14% over current currency conversion. Would love to know their breakdown for the UK tax but they'll never tell us that.

I'll say it now I do like the new macbook air, I think they're a nice improvement although curious why they haven't taken ulv core i processors but then I suppose the chips they're using a pretty cheap these days (they're likely the culv c2d which has been in most 11inch ultra portables with windows for the last 8months or so). On the 11inch I'm not knocking the markup at the US price versus a windows competitor as it's made of metal and is slimmer, its the UK tax which is stupid again.

Also 2GB of ram is a tad stingy in this day and age.

Software, wasn't overly surprised by any of it to be honest, facetime was a given after all.
I knew it was coming but hadn't read anything on it. Just cruising the forums and tech blogs and I agree it was a pretty lacklustre unveiling.

Mac App Store and Mission Control? Is that it? I'll be staying on Snow Leopard for the time being, 10.6.4 is a very stable release and I'm quite happy for now.

The cloud thing sounds interesting, but not sure how it would benefit me.