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Baby Arcee

In celebration of me becoming an uncle last weekend, I decided to create a card for my new niece (and sister)... and being a bit of a geek, here's the graphic I drew (in Illustrator) to go on there :)

just thought I'd show it cuz I'm happy with it

^^^Arcee is in RotF, but as a bike... I'm a big G1 fan, hence this incarnation of Arcee.

Can't wait for the new film, seeing it on Saturday! Woohoo!
^^^I sketched the thing out first on paper, which I don't usually do... but after that, set about making up the basic shapes in Illustrator with a combination of the pen tool and taking their basic shapes (circles/squares etc) from the pallet ... oh, and I use a tablet... you have to with a mac!


been an uncle for just over a year.. don't see my nephew that much, maybe once a month or something like that :) but its ok :)