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B2B Marketing and Promotions


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Hey All,

I've made it through the first year and a half as a freelancer and I'm really beginning to understand that my niche as a web and graphic designer is in restyling and rebuilding small to medium sized business websites (although I'm certainly not ruling out working with large businesses in need of Wordpress expertise).

My question is: how do I get my name out to those businesses? Certainly word of mouth is the gold standard for promotions, but word of mouth can also be agonizingly slow. Flyer distribution works, but it's a dandelion method. I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with a more targeted way of reaching out to my prospective clients.

Thanks all!


Junior Member
Hey Wac,

Nope. Hadn't thought of that much at all. Part of the difficulty of that is I live in a rural area without a car, so getting to local networking events is a huge hassle, and right now it doesn't seem like a good trade off for me to lose half a day to a day of work for the opportunity.

That's why I was hoping for some other opportunities. Thanks for the suggestion tho!

I think in the case of re-styling companies websites you'd have to do the online leg work yourself in terms of finding companies with poor sites and making an introduction. It's tricky ground to tread as you don't want to phone up and say 'excuse me did you know your website is a state?' so just focus on what improvements you could bring.

Most companies won't be actively seeking a redesign so mass marketing/ flyers etc isn't going to work often. The skill lies in persuading those not actively looking that it's worth their while, with measurable results where possible.