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Average pricing guidelines .... ?

In the company that employ me when I'm not working for myself, I work as senior designer amongst a small team of developers. Between us we have developed our own CMS which is aimed at providing a tool for non technical users to keep their websites updated. I design an individual website each time depending on the customers’ requirements, we don't template it, and then apply the CMS customizing it if required for particular requirements of the customer. We provide back to the customer a completed website and login to the system. There is no technical set up required although the system is flexible enough to allow customers to add/remove/reposition pages etc.

The cost of one of these CMS websites range from £3K to about £8K for the dearest to date. The average is about £4k. As this is a company and not a freelancer there are higher overheads and salaries to it would be good to put this in perspective.

I just wanted to get a feel for average cost of websites across the board and I'm sure this would benefit others. If you're willing please can you give an indication of the cost of a typical site and a brief summary of what is supplied for the money.


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wow thats some huge pricing. The websites you guys develop must be e-commerce and technical ones right. How much do you guys charge for a website with basic stuffs then?

most layouts look the same these days so what is really wrong with slight templating?
We do specialise in wesites that do stuff and normally specific customer requirements that wouldn't suit an out of the box solution. So when it comes to basic content websites we're often out of the running obviously for the customers that appriciate what they're asking for is a bit special they see the value in it but for those that don't we get your exact reaction 'wow thats some huge pricing'. Our entry level basic HTML sites are around £1500.

When freelancing I'd bang out the same £1500 job for less than half.


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h_freezy said:
wow thats some huge pricing. The websites you guys develop must be e-commerce and technical ones right. How much do you guys charge for a website with basic stuffs then?

most layouts look the same these days so what is really wrong with slight templating?
Hehe remind me never to quote you a site then. They're cheap!


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You get what you pay for though.

We would be looking at about £750 - £1500 for custom built CMS site, as we also have our own CMS.

£750 would be the standard, no extra back-end coding needed, whilst £1500 would be if they were looking for extra features.

Quite reasonable pricing wise but hopefully we're not into the 'lowballing' zone (if we you think we are, please tell us). We both work from home and with a limited portfolio it's hard to justify higher prices.

If you had a business up and running with a few employees and a track record I think charging what you do Tim isn't outrageous.
Tim's figures sound pretty reasonable to me, but you can't really judge these things unless you know what the requirement was and what has been delivered.

Web development is still under valued in my view, particularly when you consider the full gamut of skills needed, which include: design, artwork production, front-end coding, back-end coding, IA, usability, copywriting, SEO, eMarketing, and so on. Even fairly straightforward sites need most of these, maybe without the back-end coding if you use a CMS.

There will always be customers who will not or cannot invest a reasonable amount in a web site project, and there will always be people who are quite willing to service that need and put something together for a cheap price.

Being bargain basement is nothing to be proud of. Doing a thorough job, understanding a client's needs, delivering good value and a genuinely successful result cannot be done on the cheap.

£750 - £1500 does sound a bit lean. Unless the site was very small/simple, I would question the quality of work achievable at this price. If the work is good, what elements of the job are being skipped and what kind of rate would you need to work for to meet this price?

Value your time.


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Well, out of the list suggested above we offer standard SEO but don't offer copywriting or eMarketing (assuming thats getting the name out?).

We're gradually raking up our prices though. If people think these prices are undermining the industry we'll certainly reconsider them.
Well, I'll be offering WordPress themes and related services. So let's just say if a client asked me to do a full custom theme job I'd be charging £1000 minimum, depending on the complexity of the job.
Wordpress is something I've started looking at but haven't got into it yet. This may well be an option but most of our customers require specific custom back-end solutions. Thanks all for your input.


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Wordpress is a killer for me, mainly because I haven't got my head around it enough to offer it as a service. Things don't always work as I would like :D


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Tim, may I get a link to, I'm not likely to have a clue what to do, but just curious more than anything :)