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Automatic logo placement on background software?

Hey guys!
Lately, I've been seeing a lot of people putting logos they made on different backgrounds, so customers could really see how they would look on a such background.
I know this can be done quite fast using either Photoshop or an animation program like C4D.
Is there, however, some nifty piece of software that can put your logos on a background like this, or are these people doing it using templates?


I don't know of any off the top of my head, but you could set up some Photoshop Actions to automate placing new logos after you've set it up and done it once. It's really quite simple to put logos onto backgrounds like that, even the 3D one.
Yea I am aware that it would take nothing more than a bit of transforming and a layer style.I can do that in 5 minutes.
It would be easier if there was a program for it though. :)


Staff member
I don't know of any ready made software, you have to do that yourself or setup some photoshop actions etc
and to be honest you shouldn't be looking for software to do it for you, it's often quicker to just do it yourself.


You're asking for automated software to do such a simple task, that Photoshop Actions will do what you want - in the same program! All you have to do is set it up once and then click a single button every time you want to do it after that. It would in fact not be easier to have a separate program to do this for you - unless you're dealing with thousands of logos, which I assume you're not.
It's a bit like asking for a machine to help making walking easier.
You can do it with batch actions in photoshop. You can do it with few clicks. Just use Place and make sure the logos will be placed on your desired location of the document.