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Automated Script - A little over my head


Senior Member
Hi All,

Not really sure where to go with this but...

I need a script that will refresh a wordpress install and its database at the end of everyday.

Im using heart internets hosting and it says I can run scheduled tasks with the .pl file extension.

Lets say the wordpress install is in the directory: public_html/wordpress/

I have a .zip file back of the files in that directory in the root of the hosting and a .sql file for the backup of the database in the root too. At the end of everyday I want the database to be restored back to the one in the root and I want the files in public_html/wordpress/ to be restored back to my .zip file too.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance! :)
Hi Phil,

A .pl file is a pearl script this can be used to execute shell commands to restore your website configuration. This is then loaded using a CRON job.

We use these on some of our sites. Let me know if you need any further help.


Senior Member
Thanks for the reply.

It's not really my area but Im sure with a little help I'd be able to get it sorted...

Where should I start?


Hey Phil,

Just a quick question, so you want to refresh the wordpress db every day.. i'm pretty sure that will cause a massive headache for wordpress, especially if you've made any custom fields etc.

Did you ever manage it?