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Hi all - just joined the forum and really like the look of it.

I have a website quicklegalquotes(dot)co(dot)uk (not looking for free traffic - just need advice!!). I want to put a box at the bottom of the home page that displays 1 or 2 of our "tips of the day" as it were. We have a large list of hints and tips for our clients but they are not stored in any particular format.

Basically, I want a box at the front page to be able to pull, say, 2 tips at random from our database and display them on the front page. i then want the site to automatically pull 2 new random tips every 24 hours (replacing the ones that were there).

So my question in - can anybody recommend what CMS I should use for this kind of requirement? The original coding for the site was done by a company but they now want a fortune for updates so amd trying to learn this myself! Therefore any suggestions as to how I might go about coding this also are so very welcome (and how to set up the database of hints and tips!)!!

Many thanks for any and all help



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Hey Ian,

Honestly, you're in a bit of a jam. Since your site is built on pure HTML/CSS there's no easy way to do what you're asking, since you'll have to pop in some php or javascript. The best place to start is to google "Javascript random quote." That will give you some pregenerated scripts that you can pop into your site. How easy that will be depends greatly on your level of technical sophistication.

Good luck!


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looking at this slightly differently... note I'm not a web designer

you say "The original coding for the site was done by a company but they now want a fortune for updates" so is there anything stopping you from maybe looking at a different company to do the updates or add the quick tips bit in.... I'm sure there's several web designers/coders on here who would be able to do the job (although I don't know for how much) if you can use a different company.