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Auto Height Div's


Senior Member
For years now I've been encountering this rather odd anomaly that sometimes my main wrappers resize automatically based on their content and sometimes they don't, meaning I have to define the size for each page myself depending on the content. Furthermore, when this anomaly occurs and the div is set to auto or nothing, it simply dissapears (or reduces to 0px) leaving the content in place as it should be.

I find this odd. There's got to be a simple explanation and it's come to the point where I could do with actually getting to the bottom of it.

To better illustrate my problem, I have attached a link to a website I am currently building which is suffering from this issue. Currently the #homewarap height is 800px;



Senior Member
Sounds like you may be experiencing "clearing" issues mate. One thing I will say is never use a height on your page wrappers, because you are immediately restricting yourself to how much content can be held inside it. Your page should just flow regardless of how much content is in it.

I think this explains, what I think could be your problem quite well http://www.quirksmode.org/css/clearing.html

Have a read let me know how you get on with it.