Asking for criticism on my illustrations (digital paintings)


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Hey there, I need some criticism on recent work I've produced on Krita. I'd like to get editorial/ad/book illustration work.
Any advice on what I can/should work on, will be appreciated.

Thank you.



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They look ok, though some are a little naive for my tastes. They are just digital paintings though, not illustrations. You need to think more from
a commercial point of view. Do a bit of research on the kind of thing you want to be doing, set yourself a few briefs etc.


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Honestly you can tell you've just 'filled the colours in' over a picture in most cases....

Also in a few cases you can get a very similar look from just applying a couple of filters in photoshop.

If you want to get anywhere with illustration/digital painting you realy need to be able to 'do it from scratch' rather than going over a picture.


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Personally I like your work very much the only thing I felt is that your work need to be more color friendly and everything else was very good according to me. Keep practicing and best of luck!