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Asante Mama (Foods & Spices)

Hi All,
This is on behalf of some people we know but I will just copy their whole spiel here.

We have worked very hard in the past years, to support many people in rural Uganda to improve their livelihoods through agricultural production. We have also seen quite a lot of success but a lot of challenges still remain. Some of the challenges we face relate to the difficulties in the market - constant price fluctuations and an ever rising competition from producers elsewhere.
In view of this, we have thought about taking the extra step that will enable the farmers earn the extra cent We intend to provide our genuine and sustainably produced products to the consumer / end user directly....meaning we intend to take the product from farm to plate....from producer to consumer without changing many hands through the middleman.
We have gathered a few ideas and the first of them is to make our own brand and package our products under our brand name and logo.
I have thought of different names and logos that are communicative and attractive to the client, but I realized this is no easy task. I then started reflecting back, on effort that I have put in this whole project since the beginning and the thousands of people who have appreciated the project and the hundreds of people whom I have appreciated for the good work done, for the moral support, for the finance etc....so I thought about the word “ASANTE” a Swahili word meaning “Thank you”.... I guess whoever is involved with Sunshine somehow has something to be thankful about. Eventually, I thought that ASANTE alone, would do half the job, and since I wanted people to know that there is a strong pillar behind this whole exercise, and in view of the fact that I had failed to find an appropriate logo...I decided to put my own photo as the logo. On one hand I thought this felt a bit egocentric, but I wanted to make it feel more like a family thing. (I will work on a better photo with a better resolution....)
Here below you will find some samples of bottles for spices and paper packages for infusion teas (camomille, mint, lemon grass, sunflower petals etc). The brown paper bags will be for organic infusions.
I am now requesting for your input...you’re all based in different areas of the world and am seeking comments on this initial idea so that we can improve on the brand. Just let me know any thing that comes to your mind whether you think you like it...including if you think we are better off discarding the whole thing and forgetting about it! Would you buy this product...if you knew the story behind it? And our story is that we support directly the livelihoods of all those people who produce these products!! Moreover they are produced in an environmentally friendly way!
The idea behind me sending you this mail is to test the efficacy of the packaging which is usually the first attraction for the client....so your first reaction really matters.
I have given some critique myself and passed this on - but would really welcome any responses, ideas or just positive or negative results.