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Artwork Management Software

I'm looking for some advice on a possible software solution to what seems like a 1980's manual process.
The business I work for currently manages all artwork / related invoice / quotes / communications / schedules etc in good old windows based folder structures and MS docs. We have job bags that bring aspects of the job detail together but we have a lot of repetitive work that goes on within the team and sometimes it can be difficult to track at what stage a job might be at or what communications with the printer or client has taken place.
I'm basically looking for something that will manage the entire process of an open/closed job bag, centrally stored information, linked correspondence & communication, attached files (limiting print), possibility to schedule and mangage projects against staff and anything else that i may have missed!
What suggestions do you have to manage this process or what software might you be using or have experienced with that you would recommend?
Looking forward to your replies!


Staff member
sounds like you're after some sort of project management software.... can't say I've personally had much experience with these but heres some links to what might be the sort of thing you're looking for. I do know basecamp is used by a few on here.
http://www.softaculous.com/apps/projectman - most of these can be downloaded outside of softaculous but the demo's will likely help narrow down what you're looking for.
Thanks for the links Levi. I have previously experience some of the project management tools list but I guess I was probably trying to look at more of a document / communication collaboration tool first. I think I may need to focus more on project management tools first though!
Does anyone have any more suggestions outside of the project management bubble they could recommend?


I'm not 100% sure on what it is exactly that you're after but why not give Asana a try? It's free, without hefty restrictions and is integrated with DropBox. It's basically adopts a list of lists type approach, where you can quickly add projects, and then tasks to that project which can be separated into groupings of your choice by simple headers. . You can assign individual tasks to specific people and there's a note panel where you can go into greater detail for the task, it even allows social media style comments for each task created.
I've been using it for the past 4 months for a game project I'm working on. It does simple organisation very well.


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yeah got to say I'm with squiddy in that I'm a little lost on exactly what you want.... any chance you can do a bullet point list of 'wants and needs'
Having said that phpcollab or project pier (on the first link with the demos) could do what you're after based on your "document / communication collaboration tool first" bit, they both have 'client' and 'staff' settings with limitations for clients, store files online etc
Agree Levi I need to get a list of wants and needs together, I kind of fired the initial post off based on a basic discussion. Im working through a more detailed requirements list at the moment but having had a quick look around this is more of the type of product I guess I might be after... http://www.perigordgroup.com/glamsbm.html
The features of the GLAMSBM seems more aligned to the type of tools we need to manage our artwork/quotes/quality control etc rather than a 'project/task management' tool. I was hoping that someone might know of a piece of software/application that appears more 2013, although thats based on assuming GLAMSBM is a little more old style windows based software.

I currently use Wunderlist and Action Method for project management side of things and would like to retain these.
Once I have a clearer list or requirements ill post them. Thanks again for your responses and if you feel you could make any more suggestions based on the link above it would be much appreciated.