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Artwork for screenprinting


Junior Member
Hi all,

Hoping for a bit of advice :)

I've been asked by a client to convert a recent ad I designed so it can be screen printed onto a panel by a signwriter. I've never designed for screen printing before so I have a couple of questions...

The advert has a couple of photographs in it and I'm not sure how screen printing deals with colour photos. And also, are there any differences I should know about when putting the artwork together? I was planning on using Illustrator to do the design and supplying the artwork as a pdf.

I'll be contacting the signwriter during the week but would love any help I can get from the design point of view :)



Senior Member
Depends on sooooo many things when it comes to screen printing.

There are literally hundreds of possibilities that we could throw at you that would be wrong or possibly right.

The best thing to do is talk to the printer, he will no doubt have the answers as they all tend to set up a little differently.


Senior Member
Sounds like it would be a 4 colour process job, which isn't a walk in the park for screen print all of the time.
All you have to worry about is making sure the artwork is all high res and to size, the rest is up to the screen printing company, they will do what is necessary to your artwork so they can use it.

It's what I spend a lot of my days doing!


Junior Member
Thanks for the replies guys. I'll be speaking to the printer this week. Really busy at the moment so I want to get it right first time!

Ian :)