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I'm always a fan of big images, but I think the rest of the site could use a little work. Work a bit on the typography and I would keep the navigation consistent - ie. top always or bottom always. The small thumbnails images don't really change much in size in the light box which renders that a little redundant for me.

You can still keep it simple but include a little more detail in the layout and type.

It's hard to really judge it on a level further than aesthetics without knowing anything else about the project.

I'm interested to know how you created the image animation on the homepage. Do you think it would slow it down much using slightly higher res images?


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Yeah i originally had high res images on the home page, but unfortunately the loading times i felt out did the purpose.

It took about 8 - 10 seconds to load the image and by that time people would have navigated away.

Having the images on the home page the size they are was about the best balance of quality and loading times, i mean i'm viewing them from a 1680x1050 monitor and the quality is alright.

I understand about the lightbox images maybe being a bit larger, my only worry there is again slowing loading times and maybe even issues with copyright? If i was handing out all high res images there could be problems with people publishing them further as their own? Something i thought about from the start. What do you reckon?
In what form of re-publishing do you envision? Still having them at 72dpi, but have the original files sized for a larger screen, scaled down on smaller browsers. There won't be any problems taking them for print because they will turn out ****e! If people take them for the web, well there isn't that much you can do about that as far as I know...

It is about balance, but the images you have now loaded instantly for me, so maybe there is some flexibility with image size still.

Have you considered the design of the following pages as much?


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i'm thinking about having the navigation on the bottom, i did insist with the client but they preferred it the way it is. I'll test different image res on slower internets see what i can do.

Thank you for the feedback though! Very much appreciated!