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Art website - feedback please


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I recently launched a new art website, back in October - The White Lounge.

I'm pleased with the design and navigation - I think it meets the brief - striking & simple, let the art stand out, easy to navigate around.

  • However do you think it looks too formulaic, as all of the product pages follow the same layout?
  • Visitors can get to the same categories in several ways e.g. through the left nav and also from images on the home page - is this confusing?
  • Also, the nav at the bottom includes important info like delivery & returns - is this too tucked away?
Any feedback will be gratefully received.


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Hi nicnac,

One quick question, do you have any form of copyright clearance for the use of the Banksy images printed onto canvas?

Banksy.co.uk said:
Banksy does not endorse or profit from the sale of greeting cards, mugs, tshirts, photo canvases etc. Banksy is not on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or Gaydar. Banksy is not represented by any form of commercial art gallery.
In terms of the site design, looking at the homepage, I would personally look to have the product search box in the left hand column, and lose the scroller for the text content, let the page run down, gone are the days when visitors didn't scroll down on sites.

I would also look at bringing some consistency to the banner images, ie have them all with a photo in the setting, or all on canvas, or all as flat images, the combination becomes a bit distracting, it may also help to include a from £xx price, or some 'view now' type message to entice the viewer in further. Another idea may be a javascript scroller to cycle through the latest/most popular products?

Hope that helps,
I agree with Greg's points above.

I'd also put a minimum height on it, or do it so the footer is always positioned at the bottom. The pattern in the bottom is cut off in higher resolutions. and leaves a huge gap at the bottom of the page.


Staff member
hmm wonder if we will get any responses but hey ho here's my bit.

the bottom pattern is too high, I've got a big block of white underneath it, either it needs to extend further or be placed lower.

Copyright of work being used as Greg noted.

The pink text/button doesn't match the purple in the logo

Top menu bar area seems unbalanced to me

didn't realise you had a blog until I looked hard


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I had an e-mail from this forum member as they were previously banned for posting their site for feedback, I can only assume that their previous thread had very little content or included keywords linked in an attempt to leverage SEO benefits. After a few e-mails back & forth I decided to lift the ban and let them post the site for review.

So I'm still hoping they will pop back and respond to the feedback given so far.



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Thanks for the feedback, I've worked on my own on this site (with my website agency) so it helps to get a fresh perspective.

Re: Banksy, I spoke to my supplier when I decided to feature this work and you can't get copyright of the work as Banksy is anonymous and the work is in the public domain - the prints are made from photo's of the real work.

Re: product search on left, I considered this initially as thought it would look tidier, but I was advised to keep it on the right as when you go into sections on the left like artist and there is a big drop down list the search would disappear way down the page.

Agree re: scroller bar- don't really like them anyway and like the idea of rotating images on home page - my website agency recommended this too and it's going to cost me a little bit of money so am waiting to get some more sales in first.

Appreciate the comments re: the blog being hard to find & top menu bar being unbalanced - I agree and need to get this looked at. Will also get my website company to look at the space issue at the bottom of the page - I didn't realise this was happening.

Thanks for your responses.