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Art Materials

Paul Murray

Staff member
I have a clicky technical pencil and stack of paper that I use everyday. My desk is surrounded by other materials and equipment that make it look like I'm a serious designer but that unfortunately isn't the case :p


Staff member
I've got white boards and some non permanent markers for notes/ideas/to do lists... save the trees and all that :)

Most of my stuff is in cupbards or drawers until I need them..well apart from the pc stuff thats all set up and ready


Well-Known Member
I have a white board and marker (of course) drilled into the top of my door; for notes, brainstorms, and rough sketches and ideas that pop into my mind at stupid o'clock (AM) in the early hours of the morning.
Apart from that my main tools are loads of random pieces of A4 paper and a pen (not pencil).
& my iMac of course with Wacom tablet.