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Are my pen tool skills ok?


Junior Member
Do you think they're good? I've been pen tool extracting stuff in Photoshop and Illustrator for a while, and it's getting easier and easier for me, but for some reason I don't like that.

Here are some of my images where pen tool was key.

The jacket

This is only funny if you play Halo

Traced myself over

I hate to have to link a deviantArt..but I made that desktop from this guy's drawing, and I have the original (and a 1024x768 that I made later on) but I'm too lazy to dropbox it.

Spaghetti0. He looks retarded because he's a retarded IRC bot that says random things. But I think that one is sort of...unfinished. I dunno.

Opinions and crap appreciated, thanks.
Hi there, no they're not bad, but could do with improving, but hey we all have skills we need improvement on. Your on the right track with practicing on the pen tool all the time, it's a great tool for illustration and one that should be mastered.

You should never "not like" the fact that your getting better at something, strange boy :S


Senior Member
They look fine to me. Practising by tracing complex shapes like the human face for example, will have you cooking with gas in no time.