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Apprenticeship vs Job

Hi everyone.

I am in my last year of school and have been planning on for the past 2 years to move into the design industry. I have been doing weekly work experience with a print/design firm which I love (Feb - June) and will hopefully allow me to find a job or apprenticeship with a little more success.

Anyway, the question that I am unsure about is where to move on to next. I do non official freelance work for small fees through my site, but in terms of actually developing this forward what would people recommend?

Uni has been ruled out (I rather not discuss this as I have already done so here and in real life) and so I am left with 2 options:

1. Apprenticeship
2. Job

What would people think I would benefit the most and would help me in the long run as a graphic designer?

Thanks in advance.
I don't think it's that black and white, it really depends on where and what job/apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship at Pentagram would be worth far more than a paid job as a junior designer at some nondescript takeaway-leaflet-designing-studio. It all boils down to what it's going to do for your book, right? If you're offered a job at a studio that produces work you aspire to, then go for it. Likewise if there's an apprenticeship that's going to give you an opportunity to add great work, then that's got to be worth it.


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Dont worry about it, my post wasn't aimed at you Gilmore. It seems the post I was responding to has been deleted. Someone was suggesting you get an apprenticeship in a bakery. I think it was a spam account because all their posts have seemed rather odd.