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Apple iPad

So what are your thoughts from a design aspect?

I would like one as i am also a keen photographer which could be handy, also holidays, a few games and a bit of design, typing etc.

What programs will this run? Will it run any Adobe applications?




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its basically a giant ipod touch (same cpu/gpu, same basic os), so will not run full versions of any apple os-x software, it can however run very cut down versions of some software (photoshop for example)


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It's excellent. I know programmers, photographers, business men and a solicitor that all use them for their own respective needs.

I also love mine :D


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It's certainly a nifty bit of kit but it still has all of the internet incompatabilty issues of the iphone, which is a shame as the large screen really lends itself to a bit of surfing.

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Ive been using mine for variety of different things.

I have a friend who is bringing an app out which allows you to put website offline onto device so you can take to client to show the website etc.....

Or as a portfolio the app is great.

Some of the UI tools are handy, I can quickly do mock ups and email directly to designer much easier than using shapes in Fireworks/Photoshop and notes on these aswell!

Email is obv same as Iphone which is great, and as a general device fantastic.

Just hooked mine upto van as entertainment system aswell.

Such a well rounded device which just keeps getting better as more and more apps are out!

Love mine to bits! If you can get 3g version as it then also has full gps as well as net connection.
Can you not use drop box to showcase designs and portfolios etc? I use it quite often like this....On the iphone I mean obviously not that great to see like...
All the reps at my office have 32gb iPads now.
Running Bento for info and order taking....sync with the Macs fine.

I didn't get one....boo hoo.