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Anyone use a Wacom Cintiq?


Staff member
Just as the title says really.

I'm getting one (hopefully) and I wondered if any of you used one?
I think I recall @Wardy or Jimlad had one.

Mainly be using it with Illustrator but it'd be good to use it for sketching out roughs in PS.



Staff member
Afraid I don't have one as they don't really suit my work. Having said that if it doesn't come with something like painter grab mischief or krita for 'freehand painting' type work :)


Staff member
Wow they look fancy!

& here's me all proud of my A4 Wacom Intuos
Don't they just?
I had an old Intuos 2 that served me well for years until I got another Mac and it started acting glitchy.

I could never justify the cost as cool as they are though.


Well-Known Member
Not me mate, that was Jimlad, he said he loved his.

I would love to have one, may splash out one day soon. I could probably stretch to the smaller one but don't
know if it's worth spending more to get the bigger one.
Let us know how you get on!