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Anyone recommend a good mail server?


Senior Member
I've had it with Mac Mail, suddenly started quitting unexpectedly a few moments after opening and various other annoyances which I can't fix so I'm looking to change. For a free one ideally... All suggestions welcome. :)

Ok, I mean 'email client'. Sorry. You know what I mean though.


Staff member
server as in host for you email or are you after a program to view it from?

first - look at google/hotmail maybe, they can both link with other pop3 accounts, google also can take over all of it iirc (think it's part of google docs)

If it's a program, look at thunderbird :)


Senior Member
Hey, Thunderbird looks exactly what I'm after. I will try it this evening (I will need zen-like calm). Thanks Levi!


Senior Member
After testing out Postbox Express (albeit for a very short while) I've concluded that the interface is packed together too much. It's very busy, but you'll probably want to look for yourself.